Who is Mobiwin?

Muloska Pratama known as MOBIWIN is an Information Technology Services (IT) company in Indonesia. Our commitment is to help our client optimize their information technology functions by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our client’s business.
We work closely with our clients from requirement gathering, developments, implementation and monitoring Interactions and feedback are important for us because it allow us to continuously improve our works in supporting our clients IT needs.Our goals is to become a leading company that provide integrated solutions in information technology that can provide value added that support our client business in achieving our clients goals. Our clients success is our success.

Along with current technological advances, especially in Indonesia, we still see some of the difficulties faced by people / companies / business people who are looking for services to create a web or mobile application. For this reason, here we want to open up a business opportunity in the field of IT technology, especially in terms of manufacturing an IT product, where in this case we make our own IT product or accept an offer from a client to make a product in the form of a web or mobile application.

The company that we created has the aim of making it easier for people looking for a software house company to make the applications they want with the best quality and relative prices depending on the complexity of the requests from the client. We want the development of the Indonesian economy to advance through the idea that the products offered by clients can be well realized.

The vision and mission of the company that we create include:
- Making Indonesia a country that can advance through technology - Realizing client gold ideas - Provide satisfactory and professional product results - Maintain the confidentiality of client products - Maintain a good relationship with the client - Be professional at work - Upholding legal values, especially in terms of Copyright